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Mick Ireland the best choice for Pitkin County Assessor

Mick Ireland is the best choice to succeed Tom Isaac as Pitkin County Assessor. He has been a Progressive with a green eye shade. A tax lawyer by trade, he presents clients with the numbers that best apply to their obligations. As an elected official, he has always backed his positions with the due diligence as to the revenue required to bring them to reality.

Over the last fifteen years, I’ve walked miles and miles with him doing door to door canvassing on his own behalf and for progressive causes, such as the library and Health and Human Services.

I seen but never heard him present his positions at official meetings and at dozens of meet and greets and fundraisers for himself and other progressive candidates. He is visibly not in love with the sound of his own voice. He is not an orator in the ilk of Huey Long, Martin Luther King or heaven forbid, Donald J Trump. He’s fervent, but he never strays beyond the numbers and the goals. He speaks for himself and his causes and doesn’t waste his time disparaging his opponents or their convictions.

In his long career with both the County and the City, he has acquired enormous vast experience in the details of how public money is allocated and spent. As a tax lawyer, he knows the accounting software that keeps track of how monies are moved from one category to another. As County Assessor, he will apply that experience to the internal revenue process of Pitkin County.

Vote for Mick for Pitco Assessor, a Progressive who has always worn a green eye shade.

David Bentley