Mick has the skillset for office

Seeking an opportunity to offer personal insight about a candidate for Pitkin County assessor Mick Ireland. As a resident living in Pennsylvania holding a humble elected local office (auditor), I will share what I know about my brother’s commitment to service, his integrity and his sense of community. One definition of service: work done by one person or group that benefits another, an act of help or assistance. This aptly describes Mick’s ability and desire to act on behalf of those in need, on a personal level within his extended family, and as a team/group player in his community. Mick offered personal help and legal guidance to me during a time of need. He offered assistance to employees in Aspen when he promoted employee housing for those who work/serve in the community. One definition of community: a group of people living in a particular or local area, group of people with characteristics in common. Importantly, Mick is able to understand exactly what the common denominators are within the diversity of Pitkin County’s community, which he serves well, faithfully and with integrity. Do not confuse his unique personality or his attempts at humor with his exceedingly appropriate skill set, experience, strengths and commitment to service. I am certain that Mick will continue to practice the highest level of integrity within his family and within his/your community. I found integrity defined as: moral soundness, undivided/unbroken truth, totality or completeness. My brother, Mick, will always offer undivided, unbroken truth, and he will do it completely. Please vote for Mick, and let him do the math with integrity.

Regina Ireland-Auer

E. Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania