Mexicanos, no vamos |

Mexicanos, no vamos

Mexicanos, no vamos

A few of my Mexican friends have told me they’re going back to Mexico after Jan. 20. I’m just sick about it. I don’t know their immigration status. That’s none of my business. I’m not sure that’s the real issue with them, anyway. I wonder if a certain element in our society has made them feel unwelcome. If they’re unwelcome, I wonder if I am.

What’s the problem this certain element of society has with Mexicans? I think it’s because Mexicans put to lie the so-called Protestant work ethic. That’s where white Protestants think they’re going to heaven because they’re the hardest working people in the world. It was a fraud from the very beginning and that was never more apparent than today.

The reason we have an illegal alien problem is the same reason we had a slavery problem, because Southern plantation owners and California truck farmers, mostly white Protestants, are too lazy to do their own farm work. When the truck farmers brought up the Mexicans up to pick their cabbages, we found out who the hardest working people in the world were and that certain element of society resented it.

If Trump chases out all the Mexicans, who’s going to pick those cabbages, white people? Are you kidding? All they want to do is sell insurance. Mexicans can do more than pick cabbages, too. Locally, they fill all kinds of professional and technical jobs. If they leave, the local economy will collapse. White Coloradans should remember, Mexicans were here before they were.

I have had a long and beautiful experience with Mexicans beginning with working with an all-Mexican track gang in a steel mill in the Chicago area. Since I moved to the Roaring Fork Valley, I have naturally gravitated to the Mexican community. I’m proud to say I have many Mexican friends.

Mexicanos, mi amigos, por favor, no vamos.

Fred Malo Jr.