Messing with Mother Nature |

Messing with Mother Nature

I can’t believe Parks and Wildlife is going through with their pointless and cruel plan for a predator kill to improve mule deer numbers in the Piceance Basin. Don’t they have any scientists on their staff who could tell them that predator kills have been tried elsewhere, like in Idaho and Nevada, and proven ineffective because predators kill mostly fawns that would die from lack of habitat anyway?

If you want to see why the mule deer numbers are down in the Piceance Basin, just look around at the proliferation of oil and gas rigs. Those are intruding on mule deer habitat. Is CPW just another proponent of the oil and gas industry like the Oil and Gas Commission and the Garfield County commissioners?

Imbalances between predators and prey occur frequently in nature. Nature has a way of balancing things out without human interference. Let’s let nature do its job.

Fred Malo Jr.