Mesirow will represent Aspen well |

Mesirow will represent Aspen well

I would like to offer my support of and recommendation for Mr. Skippy Mesirow. His experience, professionalism, sense of community and ability to communicate effectively will prove to be a great assets to the city of Aspen. After years of knowing and working with Skippy, I’ve experienced his unparalleled work ethic and know he refuses to quit until every last detail is accounted for.

I can remember working alongside Skippy during the Aspen Ideas Festival and several other Aspen Institute events. He always had an answer or knew where to turn if I needed something. In many ways he helped set the precedent under which I operated while working for the Aspen Institute.

Skippy holds himself to the highest possible standard and truly represents what it means to be a part of Aspen’s community. As a friend, Skippy is thoughtful and kind, and wants the best for those around him. His positive demeanor is truly remarkable. He is forthcoming and easy to talk to. All of these are traits I would like to see in a council member.

Skippy is an individual who you would be proud to have represent your city. From the mountain to the council hall, he encompasses all of the traits that make Aspen the amazing place it is. He has always taken a strong interest in the Aspen community and would prove to be a great addition to the City Council were he elected.

Lee Sehestedt

Coral Gables, Florida