Mesirow will lift Aspen

Hello, Aspen. My name is Benjamin Felch and I want to tell you about Skippy Mesirow, an outstanding and loving person I have known for almost 20 years. Our friendship has lasted this long because he exudes one of his campaign principles of “care for one another.”

When most hear this saying, they think of giving a helping hand or working the local shelter a few times a year, but with Skippy, this is a daily way of life. Skippy lives his life to make others truly full. Full of happiness, full of confidence and, most importantly, full of ambition. He makes people and communities want to progress.

I want to end with one of my favorite quotes, “Ambition is not what man does … but what man would do.” (Robert Browning). For as long as I have known Skippy, he has wanted to help his community and fellow citizens, not because he seeks the fame or notoriety, but because he truly wants everyone to be ambitious.

Please, meet with Skippy, have a conversation with him and see how he will make you more ambitious. Ask him about how he will make Aspen even better than it already is!

Benjamin Felch

Glen Ellyn, Illinois