Mesirow will blend generations |

Mesirow will blend generations

Talk is cheap. Skippy Mesirow’s action-based ideology is the keystone that makes Skippy a person of interest for the upcoming Aspen City Council race. Skippy is my choice for Aspen City Council. Why??My reasoning is based on his integrity, motivation, determination and “call-to-action” mindset to tackle the challenges of governmentally delayed decision-making thus inhibiting creative concepts that have short-changed Aspen.

Integrity and commitment is more than what people will “say” they will do. With his experience and “rise to the occasion” mindset in many of Aspen’s leading organizations, Skippy has exemplified that he wants the best for Aspen. By listening to his ideas and witnessing his passion, he creates a buzz for the current and next generations of Aspenites. Skippy is a needed council person who will blend the generations of City Council members and create diverse and unique perspectives.

Skippy has embraced the importance of grassroots campaigning. The importance of face-to-face communication and the significance of a handshake have not been thrown to the wayside. He has “blended” efficient social media communication and grassroots networking to create a creative and personal campaign. He has scheduled meeting times at local business to give people a chance to develop civic-oriented dialogue, brainstorm possible solutions that will aid in numerous local obstacles, and a have chance to get to know who he is. This grassroots personal path has proven to me that Skippy is a man of character and integrity. Skippy’s unique blend of life experiences and work ethic has established diverse relationships among Aspen’s political, business, and social community.

The next generation of Aspen is ethnically diverse, civically engaged and open-minded. These factors will formulate a strong and diverse collaborative strategy from an invested political, social, and educated generation. The empowerment of a new generation within Aspen City Council will spawn a greater lever of local governmental trust, transparency, and community collaboration. Skippy exhibits the qualities of a candidate who will maintain the ideals that Aspen was founded on and create an optimistic future. Skippy’s charisma, drive, and outlook, is proof he truly wants the best for the citizens, visitors and everything in-between for Aspen.

Charles Lucarelli