Mesirow: The Second Coming

While recently walking by one of our newspaper offices after it had closed, I found an unaddressed letter in the snow. Clearly it’s timeliness is important to Skippy Mesirow’s bid for City Council. So I’m quickly forwarding the letter herein:


I was recently appointed as ambassador to Tajikistan, where it has come to my attention that Skippy Mesirow is running for Aspen City Council. Even out here on the Eurasian Steppe I was struck by the magnitude of Skippy’s uniqueness and talents, based upon my early years as Skippy’s family’s plumber when he was a boy in Chicago.

As I remember, Skippy had more sincerity than a brand new copper penny. Though his family had few plumbing problems, Skippy was always assured and well-dressed when he greeted me at the door. Back then Skippy had that floppy-curtains style haircut of the ’90s with a vague middle part. To me this meant that Skippy was modern and could change the world. His politeness and passion to finish tasks stood out as larger than life.

One time he helped me change a hot-water heater. As I swore at the stubborn fixtures that had been in place for too long, he said that his goal in life would be to bust up old ideas and replace them with new ones. He held up my classic plumbers’ wrench and said, “I will design something better!” Right then I knew he could go on to achieve nuclear disarmament, climate change resolution, and provide homes for all the world’s refugees.

Now, from the other side of the world, as I read the Aspen daily papers, I know that Skippy’s journey to greatness has just begun with his run to become Aspen’s newest City Council member.

Skippy’s achievement to change Aspen’s voting day to the middle of ski season from offseason will net more younger voters who in the past have forgotten to vote while in Moab. Skippy is able to stay awake during planning and zoning meetings and he formed the local NextGen transcendentalists. Skippy supports putting more 20-somethings and hotels in the middle of the ski slopes, retiring retirees, and placing Aspen’s affordable-housing credits on the stock exchange.

From afar, I wish I could vote for Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council.

Duane Pipes

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tim Cooney