Mesirow shows tireless commitment to better good |

Mesirow shows tireless commitment to better good

I wish I could vote for Skippy Mesirow; however, even though I started coming to Aspen in 1961 as a DEnver University student I am currently a Snowmass Village resident.

Yes, I’m prejudiced — he’s my step son, although the step part doesn’t do our relationship justice. You have probably read about all the contributions he has made to the city, almost all of which were voluntary. This started years ago. It wasn’t because he wanted to be councilman, it was because he truly loves and cares about Aspen.

He has been coming here for 28 years. He graduated high school early to live and work in Aspen before going to Colorado University (where he was the national skier-cross champion). He graduated from CU early to run the Obama campaign in Illinois. He was offered government jobs in Washington. He chose to return to where his heart was, Aspen. Since then, in a short time, he has contributed what most people would find exemplary.

Skippy is intelligent, passionate, hard working and, what I believe is most important in government, he is practical and a consensus maker.

Most important to me, he has a heart as big as the Rockies. He is a loving brother, son, grandson and friend. He formed the junior board to fund Parkinson’s disease to honor his grandfather. He helped found Enabled Enterprises to help give veterans business opportunities and emotional support. He is on the board of the Children of Heroes Foundation, which raises money for children who have lost parents in the military. Since he doesn’t do these things for acknowledgement, he probably has contributed to many causes that I don’t even know about.

Yes, I’m prejudiced, but based on his values and humanity, why shouldn’t I be? I’m so proud!

Larry Spatz

Snowmass Village