Mesirow rises to the top |

Mesirow rises to the top

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Skippy on several occasions. As a small-business owner, I have seen his impact at Aspen Entrepreneurs as he works to support and educate Aspen’s next generation of vital businesses. We work together at Create Mentorship Aspen, where we are building a community for professionals to share the lessons they have learned. And I have had the pleasure of sitting across the table from Skippy at Planning and Zoning meetings where he is working diligently to shape our built environment.

He is involved in so much more, but it is from my experience that I form my opinion. In each of these venues, Skippy has exhibited a true passion for Aspen and is creating a beautiful, sustainable and vital community. I can speak from my experience at Planning and Zoning that Skippy is willing to listen to all the facts before making up his mind; and while he is a reasonable person who can be persuaded by the facts, he also has great strength of conviction and is focused on the success of our community.

Skippy is a principled, fair and equitable person, who has the fortitude to withstand the vocal minority along with myriad other special-interest groups, representing instead the interests of the larger community. He is a long-term thinker who will consider the consequences of the decisions we make today for our future by planning rather than reacting.

If this sounds like a person who would help us craft the Aspen we all want to be a part of, then I urge you to consider Skippy for council.

Proactive, fair, balanced.

Steev Wilson


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