Mesirow puts Aspen first |

Mesirow puts Aspen first

Skippy Mesirow is one of the most determined and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to meet. He embodies a give-first attitude and consistently puts the needs of others before his own. Through his work with Aspen Entrepreneurs, the Aspen Next Generation advisory commission and as a chair for the Planning and Zonning Commission, he has demonstrated his ability to handle responsibility, lead others and manage multiple commitments at once.

His energy and drive are exactly what is needed to help create an even better Aspen. He always takes the time to get to know each and every individual he comes into contact with, across all generations. He not only represents the younger generations of Aspen, but has the maturity to understand the needs of all.

Along with the Aspen Entrepreneurs team, Skippy has been successful in developing another channel of support for a large number of small business owners and individuals within Aspen. Through his events and their mentorship program, I have personally benefited and learned within the entrepreneurial world. This is just one area that Skippy dedicates his time to, and with the correct platform, his vision and energy will only benefit Aspen.

It is safe to say that despite all he does, his true passion is within the political sphere. He has traveled all over the globe, including places like Iran and North Korea, giving him a well rounded perspective of international affairs and issues. Prior to living in Aspen he spent a number of years working within national politics and has been heavily involved in a number of key issues within the town. He does not appear to have any personal agenda in representing the city and only wants to put the needs of Aspen first.

David Mills