Mesirow passionate about Aspen

Over the past several years Skippy Mesirow and I have developed an enjoyable friendship, largely over brekkie at Spring Cafe. It never seemed like we were trying to get from here to there. It was more a simple appreciation of our time together.

Inevitably, however, I’ve come to know and understand better where this young man lives in our world. He’s smart, tech-savvy, and youthful and creative in his outlook, and yet I sense a deep caring about his loved ones and friends and a true desire to make a meaningful difference in our community and in the greater environment in which we exist.

I had the extraordinary opportunity to practice law in this wild and wonderful town during the 48 years from 1968 through 2016, and to represent an iconic cast of characters, among the more reputable being Elizabeth Paepcke (the Paepcke Center and surroundings), Edgar and Polly Stern (the Starwood environment), and Fritz and Fabi Benedict (beginning on Red Mountain between Red Mountain Ranch and the Forest Service lands to the east, and then following their hearts throughout this end of the valley). These were strong, caring and spirited folks, and the future of Aspen meant everything to them.

Quite honestly, I believe they’d find Skippy Mesirow a desirable and responsible representative on our City Council for the next four years. He’s done more homework than most, including devoting the past six years to Planning and Zoning (currently the chair), and he’s ready for leadership. It’s not about ego; it’s about moving our community in a positive and thoughtful direction.

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