Mesirow: More action, less acting |

Mesirow: More action, less acting

In my six years of working with and getting to know Skippy Mesirow, I can sincerely say that he has matured and he has earnestly prepared himself to serve us on Aspen City Council. I have seen both growth and grounding, and I have seen him dedicate his energy and resources towards becoming a better representative of the people. He has moved from acting to action.

Most of all, he authentically represents a new generation, one of hope, drive, and expected performance. I am not afraid to challenge him to be his best, and he is equally not afraid to meet the challenge. I love that about him. It differentiates him from the field, from the old guard, and from the status quo.

Do not be afraid to invest in our future. Most importantly, do not forget to include Skippy as one of your top two picks for City Council.

Dwayne Romero

Former Aspen city councilman, Aspen