Mesirow listens to all sides |

Mesirow listens to all sides

I’m writing to show my support for Skippy Mesirow as a candidate for Aspen City Council. Unfortunately, I personally am unable to vote in the upcoming Aspen election cycle due to my residence being downvalley.

Due to my not being able to vote directly and because I work in Aspen, I’m writing to show my support and encourage consideration of Skippy as a qualified candidate for City Council. I’ve known Skippy for several years and have learned to truly respect his dedication and engagement in public process and thoughtful approach to staying involved. I think the most important thing I can say about Skippy is that he and I don’t always agree on policy and process decisions. That probably doesn’t sound like the most glowing recommendation, but what is key is that even though Skippy and I don’t always agree on the direction we should take, he is willing to engage in a thoughtful and reasonable discussion to try to understand mine and others points of view to gain a full understanding of the issue or concern at hand. I don’t think there is anyone in town who has attended more public meetings than Skippy, and that may include the current council. I believe Aspen will continue to face significant challenges to our character and long term sustainability. I believe Skippy will embrace the challenge of overcoming the projected and unforeseen challenges with valuable discussion and community input.

As a community, we have the benefit of having several very qualified candidates in this year’s election cycle. I encourage all to continue to engage in a compelling civil dialogue about our current and future. We can and must plan for a sustainable future while keeping an eye on our rich history and unique offering. To steal a line from a good friend, onward! Skippy for council!

Corey Enloe