Mesirow is a model citizen |

Mesirow is a model citizen

I write this letter to speak about one of my oldest and dearest friends and confidants, Skippy Upton Mesirow. He would be an amazing council member for the city of Aspen. Skippy is always around when you need a hand, sage advice or any type of assistance; to be frank, he is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. If given the opportunity, he will make Aspen a better place for all its residents.

Skippy and I worked on the campaign of the secretary of state for Illinois, Jesse White. During this time, I saw first-hand the passion he held for civic duty. It is hard to explain the grind of a political campaign to someone never involved in one; it is like rubbing stones together to make sand. We phone banked, made donor calls, worked with other politicians, created mailers, and worked with local voters and individuals. For many, this would feel overwhelming, but with Skippy on my side, we always learned, helped others and had fun. He is what politics needs, a true outside thinker who acts for the betterment of society and not for personal gains.

Skippy is the type of person that you instantly love. He walks into a room and the lights just shine brighter. I beg of you, prior to voting, go meet Skippy and talk with him. Ask him about his travels and the amazing people he has met, ask him about his lovely and extremely thoughtful family and, most of all, ask him about how he can serve you, like he has always done for anyone he has ever met. If you do everything I have previously stated, I make you one last promise: You will leave with a bright smile and an optimistic view of the future.

Let me end with a personal story: I moved to the Chicago area when I was 13, I moved here with a thick accent and a slight stutter. I came knowing no one, nothing of the area and worst of all, very much alone. On the first few days of school there was this loud blond-haired kid. I remember this, because it is hard to forget Skippy, as I previously mentioned. I was sitting alone at lunch one day and Skippy came over and started talking with me and invited me to sit with his friends. He asked me about myself and introduced me to everyone. For anyone who has not been the new kid, this was an act of God. Up until this point, I felt completely alone and overwhelmed. He instantly made me feel amazing, made me feel like I had known him for my entire life. This is why you should vote for Skippy, not because he stands for one issue or another, but because he always seeks out the new kid, the kid who needs the biggest hand and he always extends his!

With all my love and support,

Benji Felch

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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