Mesirow is a good listener and smart

My day has started with coffee and reading the local paper online since the option was available to comment. I find it more efficient to read an article without the disruption of ads and the ability to respond immediately to the article I am reading a mixed relief. It is in this online format that I met Skippy Mesirow. The NextGen was a target of my disapproval, and he responded to me, “Let’s meet.”

He greeted me with open arms and a genuine feeling of gratitude. It did not take long to realize that we shared similar passion for our community but through different lenses. I also believe that we realized that we can work toward a resolution through understanding each other’s views. I was very impressed.

We have met several times since then to discuss ways to support our common goals. It is not just our meetings that have impressed me, but the way he handles himself with all groups of people and at different levels in society.

The future of Aspen needs the participation of Skippy’s generation and those to come. I believe we need to show confidence in the next generations to design the future of Aspen. I believe Skippy is smart enough and will grow tremendously with the responsibilities required of a councilman. He is a clever and gracious young man who will find the solutions to our most controversial issues, and I wholeheartedly ask all to vote for Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council.

Kim Baillargeon

Aspen Village