Mesirow has what Aspen needs |

Mesirow has what Aspen needs

There’s an understanding that everyone who calls Aspen home has an equal voice in defining our future. And that is why there is no better candidate for Aspen City Council than Skippy Mesirow.

If we’re to truly continue this legacy of being a town that acts and evolves on brave decisions, we need a representative that is willing to adapt, to listen and to learn. As much as we need leadership, we need someone who can reinstall public ownership. Ownership of this town, our past, and our future. Ownership of the beacon of bold change that we are. And ownership of the understanding that we, Aspen, must lead. And that someone is Skippy Mesirow. So with that in mind, I urge us all to reclaim our duty in defining Aspen’s future. For what is important, is that we never stop questioning, innovating, learning and publicly asserting what we believe in. Aspen, it’s our time to lead again.

Bear Matthews