Mesirow a man of the Aspen people

Skippy “Ski-Poles” Messirow is great for the town of Aspen and the surrounding Roaring Fork Valley. I have watched Skippy grow as a man and friend since he was 18. We have left the country together five times. I know this remarkable person. He is highly intelligent, motivated, charismatic and eager to learn.

“Skipples” constantly amazes me. He graduated early from the University of Colorado while being a student-athlete. Since then, he initiated and developed one of the most progressive media platforms in recent history, real world reporting. He also has infiltrated the Aspen council and is giving a voice to the forgotten members of our community. The forgotten voices are the young, the laborer, the servicer, the sommelier, the retailer, the manager, etc. He has given a voice by creating a sub committee that gives their opinion on the impact of topics that the board is currently discussing.

Personally, I have worked in over 200 communities and have dealt with the councils in all of those towns. The differences and feelings in the communities that have excited young talent at the helm of their decision making body is that the communities tend to have happier, more excitable, engaged and progressive citizens.

Let’s give this young star a chance.

I, Daniel Elkan, approve this statement.

Daniel Elkan

Snowmass Village

Letter to the Editor