Meridian Jewelers’ generosity inspires us to move forward

On behalf of Tatanka, I would like to sincerely thank Meridian Jewelers for the generosity extended to restaurants during this difficult time. We’re beyond grateful for their support of local businesses and the various acts of kindness that have reignited that special sense of community unique to Aspen.

We are one among many restaurants and small businesses trying to make it through this uncertain time, and the experience has been largely negative so far. But such acts of kindness turn this time of isolation and division into an opportunity for collaboration and camaraderie.

Now more than ever, we have no choice but to be innovative. I have adopted a personal motto: “Don’t panic; pivot.” Every day, I try to motivate myself and my team to remain calm and channel their energy toward creative outlets. I encourage those experiencing doubt and hopelessness to do the same.

We need to take steps forward, not backward. That’s why I’m saying hats off to Meridian Jewelers for introducing some positivity into the predictably unpredictable ecosystem that we all love, food and beverage.

We will get through this — and we will do it together.

Taylor Clayton

Director of operations, Tatanka Hospitality