Memo to Aspen Times columnist: Global warming applies to entire earth |

Memo to Aspen Times columnist: Global warming applies to entire earth

It’s a testament to my open-mindedness that I read Glenn Beaton’s column. I find it amusing, especially the one a while back where he confessed to experimenting with Marxism in college to impress the chicks. I’ve seen your mug, Glenn. Feigning Marxist ideology isn’t gonna help.

Beaton came up with a real corker Sunday when he claimed climate change, although real, was only a minor problem exaggerated by the climate geeks (“Aspen’s warnin’ warminites are chillin’”). This year’s cold and snowy winter proves that.

Try to remember, Glenn, global warming means global. I realize that’s probably difficult for a nationalist like you, but the polar vortex that put the Midwest in the deep freeze this winter happened because a high-pressure zone situated over the North Pole and pushed a cold front south.

And, yes, the polar ice cap is still melting. At the end of May, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reports the ice extent on the North Pole was at the second lowest level ever recorded. In the southern hemisphere, Australia experienced its hottest summer on record with flooding, bush fires and heat waves, according to The Conversation.

Beaton accuses the sky-is-falling types of marketing. What’re we marketing? Where’s the profit motive? We all know the answer to those questions as they apply to Big Oil, which knew of the detrimental climate effects of fossil fuels in the ’70s and kept it a secret, and its political advocates, who reap the bounty of Big Oil’s campaign donations.

The climate cause has gone mostly quiet now after this past, harsh winter, Beaton says. Wrong, Glenn. We’re not going quiet and we’re not going away until something is done. Have you heard of the Green New Deal?

Fred Malo Jr.