Mead letting off a little steam |

Mead letting off a little steam

I am very upset with things happening around Aspen and thought I would resort to “Letters to the Editor” to let off my steam:

1. I drove down to Woody Creek post office to return an unwanted shipment from American Mint only to arrive at closed doors at 3:10 p.m. I hollered to the guy behind the steel window, to which he responded, “Come back tomorrow morning.” I said, “But I’m returning an unwanted shipment which requires no postage.” No answer. Why is it closing at 3 p.m.?

2. I am concerned with the speeding on Highway 82 when I drive the speed limit and cars go around me at 75 to 80 mph. On my way down to Woody Creek post office a guy sped out in front of me and I slammed on the brakes and horn honked. Why?

3. I have written three letters to The Colorado Department of Transportation in Denver complaining “there is no guardrail on the east side of Independence Pass, but a welcome guard rail on the west side.” No response.

Mead Metcalf


Editor’s note: The Aspen Times apologizes to Mr. Metcalf for spelling his name incorrectly in a recent photo caption.