McWhorter best for RE-1 board

The upcoming Board of Education election is critical for our community. RE-1 has been shifting their focus off top-quality education and more on social services for the last several years. All of our children and their futures are suffering as a result.

If you value high quality education free from political agendas, freedom, the ability to be yourself at school, for your kids to be encouraged to reach their potential, to take personal responsibility for results, and to trust one another again, then it is time to elect Chase McWhorter for the Roaring Fork Schools Board District A seat.

Our current BOE is taking away personal freedoms and rights from parents and kids. Our voices are not being listened, the board is not transparent in their actions, makes it difficult for parents to voice concerns, and do whatever they want without fear of being held accountable.

Parents, students and the community are listed at the top of the district’s organizational chart. Yet it feels anything but. The BOE and superintendent work for us. They answer to us. And this election is a reminder that our votes matter and we matter.

I fully support Chase McWhorter because he is not a bureaucrat, nor a part of the education system. He will not continue the status quo policies that result in declining student performance. He has vowed to listen to the parents and be held accountable for his actions on the BOE. Chase is the outsider and leader we need right now to change the direction our local education is heading.

Vote for Chase McWhorter.

Mindy Arbuckle

Glenwood Springs