McQueeney has helped commission fulfill vision |

McQueeney has helped commission fulfill vision

A vote for Jeanne McQueeney is a vote for progress in Eagle County. Our county has prospered with the current team of leaders.

McQueeney is a member of that team that believes Eagle County is a place where working families succeed, where children thrive, where our young adults find opportunity and seniors are vital members of our community.

Actions that have helped fulfill this vision the past few years include:

Affordable-housing units approved — 642 of them.

Access to mental-health services — a bold move supported by voter funding.

Additional open space lands in protection — forever.

Forward-thinking climate action planning.

But there is more that can be done and Jeanne’s vision will help guide us there. Because she cares about you and me and our families, our businesses. So let’s keep moving forward as a home for all of us to thrive.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Jeanne McQueeney for Eagle County commissioner.

Debbie Marquez