McCauley family gives thanks after fire |

McCauley family gives thanks after fire

This is our letter of thanks to all who those that have held our hands and have reached out to us after the loss of our treasured home at 227 Lava Drive in El Jebel.

To all of those that have blessed us with your hugs, love and support, we thank you. If we look a little dazed, we are. Words cannot fully express the outpouring of love that we have received during these trying times.

Thank you to the brave and courageous firefighters that continue to valiantly fight the Lake Christine Inferno.

We treasure this little valley. It is our piece of heaven. Our home had an open door. All were welcome. It was full of love and laughter. It will be that way again.

Note to the Lake Christine Wildfire: You destroyed our home, our refuge. You can never destroy us or our beloved family.

Again, thank you for the outpouring of love during these trying times.


Bill & Andee McCauley and Family

El Jebel