Mayor Mullins is what Aspen needs |

Mayor Mullins is what Aspen needs

To be a good leader is to be a good listener. Leaders don’t just repeat what they’ve heard; they use the information they’ve been told to inform their decisions. A good leader is a champion of a collective cause rather than their own agenda. And a good leader creates community over division.

Ann Mullins has displayed these characteristics of effective leadership and because of that, would be a great mayor. She would lead with humility and grace, strength and resolve, thoughtfulness and attention to Aspen’s long-term vision. She should know about its evolution, as she has been part of the community since the ’70s, working in positions from hotel cleaning staff and Aspen Skiing Co. ticket-seller to founding her own landscape design firm. She’s intimately aware of the challenges and rewards that come with living here.

Aspen is at a critical juncture and it requires a balanced, purpose-driven person to steer its transition. Ann’s opponents claim credit for initiatives that clearly took the effort of an entire team; yet Ann has demonstrated the collaborative skill that is required to lead. Aspen would be lucky to have her at its helm.

Ballots have been mailed. Please help elect Ann Mullins as the next mayor of Aspen.

Christine Benedetti