Matt Scherr and Kathy Chandler-Henry for Eagle County

Eagle County commissioner incumbents Matt Scherr and Kathy Chandler-Henry have worked to earn voters’ support in the Roaring Fork part of Eagle County.

Matt and Kathy bring an awareness and inclusiveness of our Roaring Fork side, which has been isolated by bad mapmaking and geography. Matt is a regular in holding El Jebel office hours and reaching out to local residents. Kathy has been making a monthly trek here since 2013.

Champions for climate action and environmental sustainability, Matt and Kathy also have pushed community-based planning and diverse economic development. Matt has proved his compassion by speaking at the George Floyd memorial at Lyons Park in Basalt.

Kathy is president of the Ruedi Water and Power Authority Board and has worked extensively with Habitat for Humanity on affordable housing in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The two commissioners deserve another term by dint of hard work and attentiveness to those of us living on the “wrong side” of the mountains.

Bernie Grauer