Massive hotels not good for Aspen Mountain |

Massive hotels not good for Aspen Mountain

It is said that people visit Aspen for its “charm.” They come to experience the many recreational and cultural events and discover that Aspen is real people in a real town with a small-town feel. Aspen’s greatest treasures are its people, mountains and remarkable history. Places around town and on the mountain tell the stories of our community and the traditions that continue to grow from its history.

Thanks to citizen concern, the Lift One corridor project plans to showcase Aspen’s ski history by bringing a new lift into town through its original ski corridor. The plan also includes preserving the historic bull-wheel and original lift towers. It also would create a long-promised ski museum in a restored Skier’s Chalet Lodge and a new restaurant in a refurbished Skiers Chalet Steakhouse.

Why are we not preserving Fifth Avenue, the slope that witnessed decades of Aspen’s ski history?

This beautiful wide slope has flowed unencumbered for over 70 years to the bottom of the ski corridor. The vibrant green of summer and winter’s pristine white welcome and invite us to discover anew the wonders that delighted past generations.

Why would we allow a massive hotel larger than three four-story Aspen Art Museums to rise up onto the middle of this historic slope blocking its peaceful welcome and our view of Aspen Mountain?

What story do we want that slope and this project to tell about our community for generations to come?

Say “no” to the oversized Gorsuch Haus by voting “no” on March 5. Send the Lift One corridor project back to the drawing board.

Shelley Emerick