Masks, positive attitude will keep our kids healthy |

Masks, positive attitude will keep our kids healthy

In response to the article “Parents at Aspen council meeting speak out en mass against mask mandate for children” (Aspen Times, Jan. 26), I highly recommend reading “The Kids are not alright” Salon online news by Kari Harden.

It is essential that we protect our children. No one likes masks. Adults especially, as it inconveniences us in our daily lives, and of course no one likes that kids need to mask up. But, this is a pandemic, like nothing we have ever experienced. In order to minimize its impacts (death and long COVID included), we may need to be temporarily inconvenienced.

In some other countries, masks are commonly worn for pollution as well as infection, part of life not experienced here. May I also allow that children may be more resilient than we give them credit for. When noted in Jan. 26 article: “to think about kids who have never seen their classmates’ faces…” wait a minute! No Halloween masks, just cover nose and mouth and then we can see each others’ eyes; that’s what counts.

The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner we can take off masks. Until then, mutations and variants will be promoted, and this pandemic will drag on longer than necessary. Our kids (hopefully) have plenty to eat, warm clothes, a roof over their heads, free education for everyone, abundance of sports. Might temporary masks be a bit of a first-world problem? Until the pandemic recedes, masks are one of our few tools to help keep our children safe. If you maintain a positive attitude, so will your kids.

Sharon DeQuine