Masking up is our best bet to save summer |

Masking up is our best bet to save summer

The end of June and the month of July will be a critical time as COVID-19 comes to town. We are seeing reports of jam packed planes arriving and many of those arriving are from Florida and Texas; current hot spots for the virus.

Enforcement with economic penalty is our only hope.

Two thoughts come to mind. Keep the bars closed through the end of July. Enforce the rule and do not allow Scarlet’s to do what they did earlier in this pandemic, claiming they were “just a restaurant” and allowing people to gather en masse. Pull the liquor licenses through the end of 2020 for those breaking the law.

If we are going to have a mask rule, it is critical to enforce it. Why are we not issuing citations for $1,000 an infraction? Once the word gets out that Aspen is serious about not hosting the virus this summer, people will mask up.

The last thing we need is for Aspen Valley Hospital to be overflowing with out of town COVID-19 patients.

It is time to get serious.

Beverle Gardner


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