Masking up after visitors leave is a losing strategy

The new mask mandate is very frustrating. It seems to be another knee-jerk reaction just like we had after the holidays last winter. Apparently our numbers were up again several weeks ago but nobody was willing to step up then and do anything about it prior to these events, which could have dramatically improved our situation much sooner. This is very reminiscent of last winter when we waited to shut down until everybody had left, with the locals suffering the consequences.

The JAS Labor Day Experience required proof of vaccination yet Food & Wine had an online form to fill out that was on the honor system and never checked anything. Requiring a vaccination for the event or a negative COVID-19 test would have been much more responsible than the situation our health board has put us in now. Until we take some responsibility for requiring vaccinations and proof of them, we are pissing in the wind.

Mike Kashinski