Mask up and vote |

Mask up and vote

Our experiment in democracy came from the Founding Fathers, who were educated and voted. Now we have a large population of uneducated people and many who don’t vote.

Can someone please explain why so many are opposed to science? Masks help; social distancing helps. Now that most private businesses require masks, we have many people who won’t respect the one-way aisle.

Is this your way of rebelling against science? Or just saying “!!@@” to those who have been wearing masks? Is this now the way in your selfish mind to say whatever to your fellow human beings? The one-way aisles allow social distancing; why are some so stubborn?

Look at it in a positive way: You get a bit more exercise to go up one aisle and down the one you are shopping in. Are you so entitled that saving a minute or two is your God-given right over a simple safeguard? Do Americans really deserve democracy as a result of how many have acted in this pandemic? We all want to get back to socializing, dining, dancing, festivals etc.

The large increase since the Fourth, which many of us knew was gonna happen, is a problem. Please respect the statistics and science; it’s only getting hotter out there. It’s not Trump or the Democrats who will be responsible for losing our freedoms; it will be your ignorant actions. Educate and vote! You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem!

John Busscher