‘Mask or Aide’

Who is that masked man? they asked

As the Lone Ranger rode away

With silver bullets in his gun

To fight evil night and day

And Batman and Robin

They wore masks too

As they battled against the bad guys

That threaten me and you

Doctors wear masks in surgeries

To protect the patients in their care

And firefighters wear masks

So they can breathe the air

But things have changed in this pandemic

Wear a mask and risk insult

Far left and far right at war again

About the cause and the result

Tribal ideology is the truly frightening mask

Righteousness that blinds the eyes

As the virus knows no hue of red or blue

It strikes both the dumb and wise

Whether freedom is gained or lost

If you do or don’t wear a mask, it

Seems easier to embrace science

Than it is to wear a casket?

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek