Marxists have it figured out |

Marxists have it figured out

Objectively looking back through history, I used to despise the grifter Marxist leaders who exploited the “useful idiots,” as Lenin so lovingly called them, but it is clear no system makes its leaders as rich and powerful as Marxism. Simply rile up the uneducated masses against a common enemy and have them “donate” the little income they have to fight against their invisible oppressors. Rather than convince consumers to buy your products in a fair exchange, simply cater to the “useful idiots” emotions.

Kudos to BLM, which took Marxist business to another level of genius by merging two enemies: racism and capitalism to form one super enemy. Of course, these enemies can only be fought effectively with donations. Almost $100 million has been donated to date and the Marxist founders have little to no accountability to report on its uses. Forget being a publicly traded company with a board to keep you accountable. Set up a foundation to receive donations and live like royalty. If someone questions it, you have your convenient enemy to blame. Again, genius.

Dumb capitalists. Don’t sell products for profit. Sell fear and hate for donations. The end result of personal wealth is the same, so why bother wasting time to develop products and earn people’s business. Be Marxist and enjoy the fruits of others’ labor as you pretend to fight for them from the numerous mansions you are purchasing.

Chase McWhorter


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