Maroon Creek home will divert slides toward neighbor |

Maroon Creek home will divert slides toward neighbor

The Celestial project in the Maroon Creek Valley has designed a house right along an avalanche zone. Its mitigation plan puts me and my family directly in harm’s way. Their project is designed to alter debris and avalanche flows and point them directly at the home where my family and I live. They have done this by redirecting the natural flows of the fan into a constrained concrete channel, increasing its velocity, and then pointing those flows over a water feature and through a proposed gap in their retaining wall and into my house which sits about 150 feet downhill from all of this. In case anyone thinks this is theory, 10 years ago there was a debris flow in this location that was so big that it moved a truck more than 30 feet. And a short downpour of about one hour July 18, 2011, caused a debris flow that blocked the road. I had to use a tractor in order to evacuate the Bulkleys from their house and open the road. Celestial incremented themselves into this position with no one looking at the whole picture from a life-safety issue for my family and theirs. Celestial has now made their design public. It violates a lot of Celestial’s representations at the original hearings. Now the BOCC can see the full picture. Sometimes we cannot predict what Mother Nature will do or control what she throws at us, but she will fool us all. I need them to look at the anxiety I will feel with every rain we have and the flow directed at my house and love ones.

Jason Ludington


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