Marijuana has lost its luster |

Marijuana has lost its luster

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, “people who use marijuana or are involved with it in any way fail to have ‘good moral character,’ a prerequisite for people who have legal permanent residence to gain American citizenship.” (April, 20, Aspen Daily News, ironically).

Does this mean all those ass-hat politicians use pot or work in the marijuana industry?

Pot was more fun when it was illegal! Now it’s on par with doctors, lawyers and other white-collar professionals buying Harley Davidsons in the ‘90s or getting tattoos in the early 2000s — uber trendy! Those who used to look down on us illegal-weed smokers are now looking for gummies or other edibles to go see a show at Belly Up or go to the Caribou Club.

Alcohol and tobacco were the gateway drugs. But now it is harder to get cigarettes in Aspen and easier to get weed and cocaine too … just go to a high school kids parents’ party!

Even though I no longer smoke weed, I would argue that engaging in marijuana or working in the industry makes one lack “good moral character”!

John Norman