Many reasons to reelect Ann Mullins |

Many reasons to reelect Ann Mullins

Ann Mullins is a great City Council member and I wholeheartedly support her re-election. Ann has the heart of Aspen on her mind in every decision she makes as our representative. She is dedicated to less talk and more action and has already proven her effectiveness in her first term.

Given Ann’s less-talk-more-action, she tends not to sound her own horn, so I’d like to trumpet a few things that she has worked effectively with fellow residents, council members and others to create.

Ann, along with the rest of council, successfully moved council to lower height limits on construction and the protection of view planes from which we all benefit. During her term she worked with the council to successfully restructure regulations to encourage more commercial and affordable housing downtown. Her efforts on the council are successfully protecting our community character.

Ann protects our people, too — from supporting the creation of a human services officer with the Police Department to the participating in the restructuring the board of health.

Ann’s efforts to protect the environment have focused on real and sustainable improvement that thinks globally but acts concretely to set policies that address global climate change and implements resource conservation over our most precious resource the city can control: water.

These are just a few of her accomplishments in one term. Imagine what Ann can do for you in two. I urge you to get out to vote and to vote for Ann Mullins.

Reid Haughey

Snowmass Village