Manning’s professionalism qualifies her for Aspen City Council |

Manning’s professionalism qualifies her for Aspen City Council

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Linda Manning the past 9 years. We both worked in the utilities department for the city of Aspen.

Linda provided great customer service in the utility billing office. She was always very patient and informative and worked to solve any billing issues.

She also had interaction with the clerk’s office and when Kathryn retired, the city encouraged the opportunity for career growth and saw that Linda was a great fit for the job.

And now as city clerk, she continues to excel in her knowledge and sincerity to help the citizens of Aspen.

She’s committed to helping the business owners more efficiently and effectively get started in town, she’s committed to the affordable-housing inventory and to providing insight on the strategic view needed in the next city manager candidate.

Linda is a great culture addition to the City Council team, and I look forward to her representing our generation on council.

Valerie Forbes