Manning best choice for Aspen City Council |

Manning best choice for Aspen City Council

As a local business owner, I’ve seen firsthand the help Linda Manning has provided to ensure businesses can navigate the difficult frontier that is operating a business in Aspen. Linda understands the importance small business has in our community, and as city clerk, she has stood behind supporting and assisting local businesses.

One of my recent passion projects is focused around workforce housing — a constant struggle for me and other business owners in our community. Our businesses are only strong if we have consistent, full, strong employees, and the employee-housing crisis in Aspen has put a strain on maintaining a successful staff. Linda places high importance on improving our affordable-housing program — which will ultimately help businesses in Aspen flourish.

Linda Manning has my highest level of praise for her previous work and public service and I believe she is the best choice for Aspen City Council.

Ryan Chadwick