Managing motorists |

Managing motorists

Editor’s note: The following was originally addressed to Basalt Mayor Jacque Whitsitt

Assistant planning director James Lindt allowed me to review the application of Basalt River Park, LLC for development. Please forward these brief comments to the Basalt Planning authority members and the members of the Basalt Council.

We are summer residents of Basalt with properties in town. Since the construction of the Rocky Mountain Institute we have witnessed the difficulty of motorists using the narrow perpendicular parking there. If a parked motorist backs onto Two Rivers Road from the street side parking she or he has absolutely no view of traffic traveling east on Two Rivers if there is a truck parked westward of the motorist. This creates a hazard to all concerned. Widening the individual parking spots even by inches and making the parking diagonal would provide some additional safety. Crew cab pickups, large SUVs and other extended vehicles are frequently in the roadway when normally parked.

Additionally as attendees of free concerts held during summers adjacent to Wyly Art Center we witness the inadequate parking there. We are aware of the preference of the city for visitors to walk to these events but the reality is that parents of young families and others who are unable to walk distances (particularly when weather is uncertain) must drive or not attend.

We ask the planners of this development to consider both of these real issues in the planning of adequate and safe parking for Basalt River Park.

Finally, the purchase of the eastern end of the development by the city is a must to preserve the beautiful river view from the intersection of Midland Avenue and Two Rivers Road. Most visitors from upvalley will only connect Basalt to the beauty of the Roaring Fork River while transiting this intersection (in either direction). Please preserve that sight line with rules that prevent any obstruction.

Thank you for considering these comments and again please forward them as requested above.

Richard C. Broussard