Mama Sandy asks Trump for help |

Mama Sandy asks Trump for help

Dear President Trump,

As most Americans, I have been following the daily coronavirus updates and I heard Dr. Carson and you announce there would be no federal evictions because of the pandemic. I have sent the Honorable Dr. Carson a letter concerning my situation. My son and I, an 84-year-old widow, are facing an imminent eviction, possibly on March 30; an issue that has been in the courts for almost five years. The home was built by my son and late husband.

The Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority has broken laws, changed rules, disobeyed court orders but rules with a liberal iron fist. I gave a public comment by phone on Wednesday to the Pitkin County commissioners concerning your announcement about no evictions. I asked if Aspen was part of the USA or did they have their own government? I know the answer. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Sandy Mulcahy