Making the switch to electric vehicles |

Making the switch to electric vehicles

The Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners has identified climate action as one of its top three strategic goals.

In Pitkin County, the transportation sector contributes 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, the second largest localized contributor after buildings. Therefore, as the BOCC is a member of Colorado Communities for Climate Action, I am calling on the Air Quality Control Commission to expeditiously adopt rules to implement the zero-emission vehicle standard that will reduce greenhouse gases from motor vehicles in the state and our communities in order to protect the health and welfare of our families.

Coloradans and Pitkin County have always been leaders in innovation and protecting the environment. This rule will honor both by requiring 5% of cars offered to Colorado consumers be electric by 2023, going up to 9% by 2025 in small increments over time. Our livelihoods and quality of life rely on clean air and healthy communities. Many consumers have chosen dirtier cars to suit our rugged lifestyles and outdoor interests only because a cleaner option has not made it to our state despite being available in other markets.

Adopting these rules would make Colorado the 11th state to do so and send a strong signal to producers that the demand for clean, modern, mountain vehicles is here, now.

Kelly McNicholas Kury

Pitkin County commissioner