Making sense of it all

I was sitting down to write a scathing letter about Donald Trump, and how through his lies and deception he had led us to where we are. I wanted to castigate and attack those who had the audacity to believe him and attack our Capitol.

I, luckily, watched a documentary on Apollo 8. I was reminded of the bravery of Frank Broman, James Lovell and William Anders, and the inherit bravery that they represented. I was spell bound at William Anders’s photo, “Earth Rise,“ taken Dec. 24, 1968, as the Apollo 8 capsule rounded the moon during their epic journey, they, the first people of Earth to be under the influence of a heavenly body that was not Earth.

I had forgotten the power of the image. As I viewed it again, I was reminded and transfixed by both its beauty and symbolism. Our fragile beautiful blue planet, the planet that we call home, our Earth shown rising above a desolate and inhospitable lunar surface, and in the background, the vastness of space.

This, this is the way we must view our home, our place in the universe. We float together in the void of space; we have nowhere to go. We have to, and we must, work together to solve our differences. We are in this together, like it or not, we must, no, we have to rely on each other. What choice do we have? “Earth Rise” is an image that should be looked at every day; it should be our screen saver, it should be the image we carry in our minds, always, of where, and whom we are. I look at “Earth Rise “ and am reminded that I call Earth home and how fragile my home is and how important it is to save it.

Richard Hampleman


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