Making our community safe |

Making our community safe

To the young woman and young man working at the Cowen Center/Valero convenience store in Carbondale who were held at gunpoint during the armed robbery this week: I would like our Roaring Fork communities to know it wasn’t just one of our local convenience stores that was robbed; two lovely young people were assaulted during the robbery.

I applaud the two of you for your calm and bravery in the face of great danger.

Please know our Carbondale community cares about you and supports you.

I applaud the management of the convenience store for having two people on staff at night. This is often not the case which presents a huge safety risk for a solo clerk.

I applaud the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority driver for his calm and bravery in dealing with the suspects on his bus.

I applaud the detective from the Carbondale Police Department who stopped by the store Thursday to check on the young employees to ensure they were receiving the crime victim resources and support they need.

I applaud the response and coordinated efforts of law enforcement officers from Carbondale, Basalt, Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin counties to safely apprehend the two suspects.

It takes a village, and I’m really proud of our village.

Kimberly Phillips