Making money at the altar of sacrifice |

Making money at the altar of sacrifice

Austen Schendler writes of the Aspen Skiing Co.’s support of the proposed 5-megawatt solar energy project, speaking of sacrifice, beauty and hope, and the foundation of a noble future (“New solar farm near Aspen should be seen as solution, not eyesore,” guest commentary, July 8, If the Skico truly wanted to combat climate change to the fullest extent possible, they would not be in constant expansion mode, always seeking to attract more people and more dollars.

They are not alone in this, as the city of Aspen, Pitkin County, the state of Colorado, and pretty much every other town, county or state in the country counts economic growth as a primary goal. Economic growth means more people consuming more things.

I’m not against this solar energy project, because I know that nothing anyone can say or do is likely to change that priority.

I work in a construction-related field, so I’m part of the problem too. This is the life we have chosen. Let’s just be clear about why we are being asked to sacrifice the beauty of our valley (as I will never find a solar panel field as beautiful as a field of elk). It’s not about a noble future, it’s just all about the money.

Jennifer Long