Make the U.S. Postal Service great again

I very much look forward to the turning over of new leaves. I can feel a softening. People are taking this new year seriously. Even Jupiter and Saturn have forged new bonds.

We have a lot to put right. Laws to ensure clean air, clean water, soil, food, employee safety. My pet project is freeing the Postal Service from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s ministrations. He had slowed service before the election and is drumming up business for private carriers. I want the sorting machines and blue boxes back, the office staffed at pre-DeJoy levels. I’m tired of the long waits in line with frustrated people and the mail clerks looking overworked and harried. I want my cheerful postal workers back.

The U. S. Postal Service has dutifully maintained the backbone of communication and commerce in America since its inception. There is a reason it is called the Postal Service. Let’s insist on its full restoration.

John Hoffmann