Make Stillwater safer with a sign

It is a beautiful summer day. You, family and friends are floating casually down Stillwater enjoying the adventure shared in nature. You are new to the area and feel safe. You hear a different sound in the distance as the water speed picks up. The water is accelerating with no exit and you look ahead as, one by one, cries for help washed out by the whitewater, your group disappears over a waterfall. Yes, this has happened, and no one has drowned.

I own a stand-up paddleboard company, Shaboomee, and have had the honor of sharing adventures for nearly a decade. My customers safety is my No. 1 priority. If my customers don’t know where to go, I send a link to the North Star website, a pin drop to the put in and takeout.

About six weeks ago, I had two customers miss the takeout and nearly go over the waterfall. They got lucky.

The Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and Aspen Center for Enviromental Studies are amazing with all they do keeping us safe. They work hard and I thank them. When I brought this incident to their attention and included all the other amazing guides who guide on Stillwater, I learned this has happened before. They want a sign but have budget limitations.

Hey wonderful community, we need a sign! I will pay for a basic sign if needed on takeout bridge that is large enough with clear wording stating takeout here and extreme danger below.

Shaine Ebrahimi