Make it your primary duty to defeat Boebert, vote for Coram |

Make it your primary duty to defeat Boebert, vote for Coram

As a 44-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley and a businessman with long-term commitments to the community, I know just how special this home of ours is — one of the best in the world, if you ask me. But we’ve got some urgent challenges right now.

Two years ago, we put Lauren Boebert into Congress as the representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. And what did she do? She gave us shameful scenes of chaos in the capital, cheer leading the violence from her Twitter account. She’s got very little in actual work to show — despite her claims to the contrary — for the $174,000 in salary that we pay her. When our economy and families needed it most, she voted against price gouging at the pump and emergency baby formula supply. As newspapers here in Colorado have reported, she gave herself a large amount of her campaign donors’ money and got her family almost $1 million in consulting fees that don’t quite make sense. These aren’t our Colorado values. This isn’t who we are. This isn’t what our special home is all about.

I don’t believe that we are represented well in the United States House by someone with a tenuous connection to the truth. Luckily, we have a choice. A good man is challenging Boebert in the Republican Party primary, and he is Colorado State Sen. Don Coram. You may not know his name, but you’ve surely felt his impact on your lives. Coram has brought high-speed broadband to much of the Western Slope and created skilled trades and agricultural jobs for our families. Don is one of the most productive legislators in modern Colorado. Quiet, patriotic service that’s about us — not him. And I’m not the only one who thinks he might secretly be Teddy Roosevelt. Our district leans heavily Republican, and it’s tough for a Democrat to win. We need moderate Democrats, Republicans and independents to work together because we can do Better Than Boebert.

Please join me in working to put this shameful chapter behind us and bring decency back to our special home. Primary ballots are being mailed to voters on June 6 and are due back by June 28. Unaffiliated voters will receive ballots from both parties for the primary election and can select the Republican primary.

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Jim Light