Make hemp part of our sustainable future |

Make hemp part of our sustainable future

In honor of Earth Day, let’s take a moment to feel gratitude for this amazing planet that provides us all with such a beautiful, awe-inspiring playground! Think of how relieved she must be to have this reprieve from all the noisy, disruptive and polluting human activities that constantly go on around her globe. Who would have guessed that something good could come from all this turmoil? Now the question is, how do we keep the environmental momentum going and make this current “reset” count for something more than just another bailout for the big corporations?

Here’s an idea. While we have the time, let’s all make it our mission to communicate to our U.S. senators and representatives that they immediately need to become co-sponsors of H.R. 3652, the “Hemp for Victory Act,” introduced by U.S. Rep., Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). This bill lays a comprehensive and equitable foundation, providing a solid framework for the industrial hemp industry to become both an economic and environmental game-changer for all Americans.

So, why not blanket the politicians (and any other power brokers) with social media messages, letters, calls, anything you can think of to respectfully get their attention? Do a search and go to to get started. These people will respond (we’ve proved that with federal legalization), but it’s up to us to relentlessly impress upon them the vital importance of making the switch from a fossil fuel-based economy to a hemp-based one that will give us the “raw material” we need to make thousands of different earth friendly products; from compostable plastic throw-away utensils, to food, clothing, medicine, paper products, etc., while at the same time actually cleaning and sustaining our precious home. Gotta do it, folks! We’re here to help.

Jackie Chenoweth