Make Aspen more car friendly, not less |

Make Aspen more car friendly, not less

One of our son’s wonderful original songs is “Dreamers and Fools.” He could have written it for our mayor and city council. They hallucinate a future Aspen of bikers and pedestrians. Not only dreamers and fools, they are blind dreamers and fools.

In high season this town would dry up without visitors. Look at them. Obese, aged, infirm. Bikes? Pedestrian streets? These people, the ones who support our businesses, which support our workers, aren’t leaving their cars behind. If we want them to keep coming we need to make Aspen more car friendly, not less.

Straighten the S curve. Build a second entrance. Build off street parking. Do it while we have the sales tax revenue. It will be too late after visitors start fleeing Aspen for friendlier resorts. Maurice Emmer