Make America hate again |

Make America hate again

We’ve heard it all before. “I love America and you disagree with my opinions, so you must hate America,” followed by, “Send her back.” Images of that chanting crowd in North Carolina reminded me so much of film I’ve seen of the Nazi Germany, a lump formed in my stomach.

Anti-war protesters in the ‘60s were told to “Love it or leave it.” The peaceniks loved America so much they hated to see their brothers’ lives wasted in a futile and unjustifiable conflict in a land far, far away.

Since the emancipation, blacks were advised to “Go back to Africa.” Ilhan Omar is the only one of the Squad who could go back to Africa. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have to go back to the Bronx, Rashida Tlaib to Detroit and Ayanna Pressley to Cincinnati.

D’ya s’pose the British told George Washington, “If you don’t like being a British colonist, go to Florida and be a Spanish colonist”?

Fred Malo